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Mini Split Ammonite Fossil Pair




Once one of the most abundant creatures on earth, Ammonites lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of earth's history. The Jurassic Period began about 201 million years ago, and the Cretaceous ended about 66 million years ago. The ammonites went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period, at the same time as when the dinosaurs disappeared.

Geologists have discovered a lot about Ammonites because they are commonly found as fossils, formed when the remains of the organic matter became buried sediment that later solidified into stone. Ammonite fossils have been found all over the world, but most are abundant in Madagascar and Canada. 

Their beauty is undeniable, split in 2, these gorgeous fossils display the repeating pattern known as the Fibonacci Sequence.




-This is a "random selection" listing. You will NOT receive the exact item photographed in the listing, but one that is very similar. However, due to the unique nature of each mineral the size, shape, and color may vary slightly.

Mini Ammonite Fossil Pair

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