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CoyDoy Botanicals Story

12.13.2009 Happy _Got you day_ Skyy! The

Skyy 2009-

Born out of necessity, CoyDog Botanicals is Leslii’s salvation. The result of years of making her own all-natural and organic skincare and healing products, she’s bringing this to you, to help find your balance. You may find her Skin Serums, Salves, and Muscle Rubs in yoga and massage studios along with boutiques specializing in alternative healing with plants and knowledge on the wellness of the body, mind, and soul. You may also find Leslii's magic potions right here, in CoyDog Botanicals online store.  

In 2013 Leslii’s Siberian Husky, Stolii was diagnosed with terminal cancer July 5th, 2013. She was given a week to live, and with family on the road and unable to say goodbyes, Leslii found magic in herbs. She found ways to ease Stolii’s pain, giving her quality of life, and helping her live to say her goodbyes. Stolii lived 4 weeks longer and she was still very much a part of her pack hanging out daily with her 5 Great Pyr buddies, poolside. Leslii's home became Stolii's hospital On Aug 2nd Stolii entered hospice, as Leslii refers to that weekend up on the coast of Maine at her family's home. Stolii chose her favorite spot in the front yard and calmly let everyone know this was it. This was the end. Stolii lost her battle with cancer on August 5th, 2013. Stolii was more than a dog, more than a pet, Stolii was Leslii's shadow. CoyDog started way back in 2013 out of love of a best friend and companion. 

Then in 2014 Leslii’s life changed. On December 28th she tore her right meniscus all the way and at that very same moment blew out her right achilles. Life was never going to be the same after that day. She had both knee surgery and surgery to repair her achilles. In the process of her achilles healing, a non-cancerous tumor grew around and through it. Pretty much causing severe chronic pain. After multiple surgeries, the tumor (now nicknamed Arnold) kept coming back. After declining a 3rd surgery that sounded way too risky and an insurance company that said no more physical therapy. Leslii just started to "live" with chronic pain, and with the left knee also hinging on surgery and fewer and fewer successes from the doctors, Leslii turned away from traditional medicines and limped her surgical-booted right foot into her 1st... well, 2nd really. But that was like 30 years ago. So the seed was planted. It just had to find its roots: yoga class.  Meditation and boxing joined into the mix of living healthy and clean. The first part of her focuses on her healing herbal salves and muscle rubs. Yoga, meditation, and boxing just seem to complemented and completed her road recovery.


Having been an organic gardener since she was 18 years old, Leslii was no stranger when it came to gardening.  Growing up sounded by her mother's very own amazing and beautiful organic gardens her whole life. Mary Stevens, Leslii's mom, is a master gardener. She lives on the coast of Maine, where you may seen her lovely gardens if you have ever visited Pemaquid Point Light on rocks in New Harbour.  


Leslii really understood the magical powers herbs and spices held and wanted to really put them to the test. With a teenage daughter and her skin issues and her very own skin not responding to the normal routine, it was used too.  Armed with all this wonderful knowledge of plants Leslii started to develop a line of skin serums for her daughter and herself. Within 4 days of using her very own golden magic potion, Leslii stopped wearing makeup. She noticed a big difference in the texture of her aging and hormonal-acne-breakout-funky skin. She noticed her pores were smaller, the dark circles under her eyes were no longer so dark, the teenage acne scars were less visible and the overall feel and look of her face and neck looked and felt so much healthier. It all started to really hit Leslii when all her friends started to ask what she used for skincare. But it really wasn't driven home until a few total strangers came up to her and asked what she used on her skin.

Leslii blows people's minds when she tells them she was born in the '60s. She says all the time "I want to be a genie and live in this bottle of pure magic golden potion." The best words anyone can hear is: "You look amazing! What is your secret?"...and with that CoyDog Botanical Skin Serums were off and running like a pack of wolves! April 2019


Leslii broke up with pharmaceuticals, prescriptions, and chemicals, and forged ahead on the path of natural healing. Now, years later, with no follow-up surgeries on her knee or ankle, she’s managed her pain and Arnold. She’s discovered amazing healing and skin products with the benefits that herbs and alternative medicines bring to her body, mind, and soul. Leslii looks forward to sharing her magic potions with you. Let her be your wicked cool badass genie...or your witch doctor! 

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Stolii 2001-2013

Ketel 2013-2017

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