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Scott LaCroix

"Leslii is my Yogi. Over the course of the last few months, yoga has been integral to maintaining balance in my life. Many factors of my life have seemed out of control, and yoga has given me focus and balance, and helped me relax when nothing else could. Leslii has shown me that taking time to focus inwards allows me to recenter and deal with the outside stresses. Yoga has also alleviated the painful sting of piriformis syndrome, and helped with my back and shoulders, giving me physical relief as well. When I met Leslii I knew nothing at all about yoga, except that it was on my bucket list of things to try. Leslii worked me into her schedule to teach me a beginners class, and I am hooked! Since then, Leslii has been my patient teacher and guide, she is my Yogi. Thank you Leslii, for bringing me to this new path!"

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Jessica Winkley

"Everyone should include restorative yoga in their routine. Great class, Leslii!!"


Jennifer Burney 

"Leslii thank you so much for last night's restorative yoga class. It was amazing. I loved the weights. It made such a difference. I feel like I floated out of class. I slept so well last night. I can't wait to try another class. I loved the setting of the studio as well. It is a magical space." - Jennifer Burney

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Carol Reini Wood

"A type of yoga I had never heard of until Leslii started talking about it. This class is really great. Very relaxing and soothing for the body. I really enjoy restorative yoga."


Libby Stoops 

"Finally joined a little gym yesterday. I'm sore but a bit more upbeat than I have been in a very long time. Exercise is an amazing thing. Going back today. I'm getting rid of these 20 extra pounds one calorie at a time. thank talking me to Title boxing Club and to Yoga. Leslii you helped get me back on track to care about myself." - Libby Stoops


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Leslii Ford Williams

"This class is lovely - "Restovative" is the perfect description. Very blessed to have found Leslii as a yoga teacher. You have a lovely's all around you"


Ines Franco 

"Leslii, you fixed my shoulder! Monday morning Restorative Yoga Class gets my week started off just perfectly. Boxing can cause shoulder pain and when you box as much as I do, finding this yoga class was the best match after 8 rounds of hitting it hard. thank you co much leslii for introducing me to this amazing yoga. your space is just so inviting and wonderful" - Ines Franco

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