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Private Training Tools of Transformation

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Leslii Stevens is obsessed with taking ACTION and learning new things. 

And it's no wonder she has created a wicked cool program that she calls 

"Tools of Transformation"

I love finding the coolest, most effective ways to build a new skill, then systemizing that process for others.

With building new habits, I empathize with others every step of the way because we all go through the same process ourselves. 

I use hard-earned intuition to outline beautifully deigned, intuitive workouts adding tools of transformation to help people live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Everything I create comes with a mix of bite-sized information, strategy, and accountability. This starts to create a simple yet drastically effective roadmap to build any skill or habit with.


I take this a step further by diving into published scientific studies, the opinions of subject-matter experts, and the feedback I get from my amazing clients and students to further enhance all the workouts I create.


Ultimately, Tools of Transformation is a practical, action-oriented startup aimed at helping others take back decisional authority over every action they take. I am here to help

people live wholesome, rewarding lives at the brink of their potential!


-Leslii Stevens Founder of Tools of Transformation  

Tools of Transformation Mission 

Sometimes, it isn't easy to motivate yourself to exercise, or to calm your mind and remain relaxed during stressful situations.

Sometimes you're not sure what to do when you workout.

Sometimes when you exercise, you don't feel like pushing yourself.

Leslii's goal in creating Tools of Transformation was to make it as easy as possible for you to have an amazing workout everyday, watch incredibly fast progress happen right before your eyes, and ultimately feel supremely confident in your body.

She created this all in one personal training so that you don't have to do ANY thinking when it comes to your workouts.

If you can make the commitment to get into exercise mode, Than book your sessions with Leslii today and begin your journey. You will find yourself pushing harder than ever before without even realizing how it happen.

Leslii created Tools of Transformation to help you actually achieve your wellbeing and fitness goals.

Tools of Transformation

You don't need to have traditional gym equipment or a fancy gym membership, you can absolutely crush an excellent workout using tools that can go just about  anywhere with you. 


Resistance Band




Using your own Bodyweight

Lengthening - Increase Flexibility & Mobility




Myofascial Release - Ball Rolling 

Breath work


Rewiring Your Eating Habits

The truth of the matter is most people need some form of guidance when it comes to personal development.

In this program you will get a compilation of the best tips and strategies discovered by people who understood the importance of a healthy diet for an incredibly high quality of life.

Leslii has dug through tons of books, podcasts, scientific studies behind willpower and motivation, cool productions/apps/gadgets, and dissected the best strategies to find the golden nuggets of info for this program.

She has spent countless hours researching:

  • What diets work best for fat loss

  • How diet impacts our energy levels

  • How diet impacts us psychologically

  • How to stay consistent with building a new habit.

The results is Rewiring Your Eating Habits a wicked cool addition to the Tools of Transformation program bringing something new to the table. Actionable tips and motivating content are what Tools of Transformation are all about.

Leslii's goal in creating Rewiring Your Eating Habits is to help you understands through your own experience how much cleaning up your diet can impact your quality of life...and to actually help you become the healthiest version of yourself. She has make it as simple and painless as possible to act on your nutrition goals.

What people are sayings about Leslii's 

Tools of Transformation program

"If you want to build muscle, do this!"

"SO MUCH useful guidance!"

"Up 8 pounds in muscle, down 8% in body fat, LET'S GO!!!"

"I finally understand why I wasn't making progress for years"

"I love that I can just pack a few things in my backpack for a weekend away or a full week vacation and still get a full body workout and a little myofascial release." 

"I love going to my PT with Leslii, not thinking, and just follow along with the workout she created just for me"

"If you've been considering starting Private Training, this is the best program and all you need. After the first day I saw the impact in my body."

"Real workouts that help you strengthen and flexibility all at once."

"I feel a bliss for days after an hour of Private Training with Leslii. She is a Rock STAR'"

"This isn't just about working out. You get information that teaches you about every aspect of the workouts. Oh yeah, and the workouts are FIRE!"

"I've never really stretched in my life, and this was the perfect way to get started."

"This special program shows you what stretches to do, and how to do them, and teaches you how to relax your body in the process."

"Wish I had Tools of Transformation 10 years ago. Definitely glad I have Leslii as my PT and in my life now."

"I love all the tips, tricks, and daily notes. Leslii is the best coach I have ever found. Super happy to have her as my PT!!!"

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