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These Clay Powders have been known to clear skin and heal blemishes as a facial mask. Giving relief to Oily, Eczema, and Psoriasis skin.  Use twice a week for deep cleaning of the face, reducing the size of your pores, and reducing the bags under your eyes. These magic clays absorb excess oils and promotes circulation. It's a "detox" for complexions which feel weighed down and in need of a good "detoxing", these absorbent yet hydrating masks helps to tone, hydrate and soften dry skin, unclog and minimise the appearance of pores, soothing irritated acne and blemishes. Your skin will feel soft and smooth.

CoyDog has 3 Powder facial Masks. Finding your perfect face mask for your skin type. Clay masks are ideal for all skin types and are excellent for detoxing your skin. These Masks help to draw out build-up, balance oil production, and control breakouts. When mixed with your favorite CoyDog Skin Serum the mineral-rich properties of the clay are activated, with its slightly uneven texture helping to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin.  Replenishing it with skin-loving nutrients. Use to tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin and reveal a smoother, fresher complexion.

Clays can also be a comforting remedy for aching muscles and joints, especially when combined with CoyDogs essential Skin Serums, Salves, and Muscle Rubs.
100% pure and natural & 100% organic whenever possible. Vegan, and gluten free

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