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Distance Reiki Session

30 min Reiki Treatment       $40

60 min Reiki Treatment       $75

75 min Reiki Treatment       $110

One of the beautiful things about the healing practice of Reiki is that if you are unable to attend a session in person, it can be shared with you from a distance and you will receive exactly the same benefits.


This process of sending is really acknowledging that we are already in a space of oneness. Prior to the session, we will set up a call via Zoom or phone and chat for a few minutes about your intention for the session. During the time of the session, you can lie or sit quietly and receive the energy in the same way as an “in-person” session.


Afterward, we will connect again via phone call to discuss the experience.

This review speaks to the benefits of a remote healing session.


“Leslii is a gifted, down-to-earth, humble, and caring practitioner. I scheduled distance and in-person Reiki sessions with Leslii weekly through recovery from mastectomy, port placement, chemotherapy, port removal, and radiation. Whether the session was remote or in person, it felt the same. I literally felt lighter, more balanced, and energized.


Throughout my recovery from a breast cancer diagnosis, I didn't skip a beat. My numbers were always where they needed to be, my healing was accelerated, and I had very little to no pain or side effects. Reiki with Leslii greatly contributed to my experience.” -ES

Please use the contact form via the website to inquire about scheduling your session.

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