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The Talisman: A tradition dating back to antiquity, a talisman is a special gift, sent with a message or dedication, thought to have magical power, and meant to inspire luck, healing, and emotional wellness.


During the early days of Covid that left everyone feeling uncertain and cut off from friends and family, we found a way to connect semi-remotely by running across town and leaving little encouraging gifts on one another’s doorsteps- an attempt to “Ding Dong Ditch” good vibes at each other during bad times.


We concluded that a special rock or crystal would handle the elements the best, while still keeping it natural (but without dying, like flowers, or being stolen by a hungry varmint (or child), like tasty snacks), and hopefully tapping into the healing vibrations crystals are known for. We wrote down the intention or vibe we were sending with each one, and, both of us being deeply into music, we added a song lyric apropos to the chosen intention, and then tied it all together with a Good Intention ribbon and dropped them off. 


We call them Tools of Transformation. These custom toolboxes have been dedicated with a specific intention and curated thoughtfully for a unique purpose, with every crystal chosen for its own particular qualities. They each can work alone, but when used together, they make up an energetic map that can help us create real change in our lives.


We often hear stories about the effects that crystals and their healing energy have had on people’s lives, from breakthroughs in career, romance, health- nearly every aspect of life. Of course, we can’t say for sure if the crystals hold any powers beyond their symbolic representations, but what we DO know is that paired with the human mind and positivity, they can assist in some pretty awesome things through the power of inspiration. It’s a healing modality that can be learned and adapted by ANYONE.


We hope that when you look at or hold your crystals, or use them to carefully construct a grid, you’ll think about their dedicated purpose and use these Tools of Transformation to help you set your own Good Intentions, create tangible change, and dedicate yourself to do good for yourself and others. It really does make for a happier, healthier existence.


Plus, they’re SO pretty!


Peace, Love, and Relax


Rock on…


Leslii Stevens ERY200, RYT500, YACEP, RMT

Jenn Bongiardina RMT













In March 2020, the world turned upside down, and then came to a complete stop. Covid was impacting every human on the planet, and Massachusetts was put on lockdown. Eerie, strange, and stressful to be separated from everything and everyone.


The very first morning after lockdown, during her daily meditation, Leslii made a commitment to herself to regain some control and send some positive energy out into a super stressed-out atmosphere. She thought of a Good Intention for that day, then took a ribbon made of ripped fabric and tied it to a branch of her beloved cherry tree behind the CDBY yoga studio, dedicating it to that Good Intention, and allowing the wind to carry the message out into the world. She has been doing this every day since, creating a calm, relaxing garden space for meditation and reflection.


Now, lockdown is in the rearview mirror, but even though Covid isn’t gone and may never be, the cherry tree out behind CDBY’s yoga studio has become a colorful reminder that it IS possible to stay positive in troubling times, and to make changes to better yourself and help others at the same time.  A peaceful, beautiful place, where Good Intentions come from the heart.

Each Good Intention Crystal Toolbox comes wrapped with a ribbon for you to dedicate and place somewhere in your home or garden- perhaps even creating your own Good Intention Tree. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to be happy when you have Good Intentions every day!

Cherry Blossom Sketch
Plant Box
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