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A Path to Balance

Leslii Stevens E-RYT200, RYT500 (The Yogi Mechanic)

Even when we don’t realize it, our body is working towards its natural goal: striving to achieve and maintain balance. While the path itself is different for every person, there are certain things we can ALL do every day to help facilitate our individual journeys.


The Chakras: An ancient perspective on the human energy system.


Through the lens of the seven chakras, we come to see and understand ourselves in a deeper and ever-expanding way. Yoga helps us achieve balance by focusing on each of our energy centers, keeping them open and aligned, and thereby sending a ripple effect of integration through the body, mind, and soul. 

My goal is to help you unlock your own personal keys to alignment, and get you onto your path to balance. My teaching will give you permission to find the tools that work best for your body.  By using the ancient perspective of the chakras, I aim to teach you simplicity and health for the modern world.


Whether it be gaining freedom from our daily stress and negative thoughts, enjoying the simple liberation of movement, or the ultimate freeing experience of learning and understanding who we really are and what we can be, I have found my path: Working to use my knowledge of yoga, boxing, and meditation to help bring people from all walks of life joy, hope, calmness, and ultimately, balance to our everyday lives. 

Third Eye

An 8 Week Series

Coming Spring Of 2022

$225 for all 8 weeks

$195 Early bird special book before Feb 25th, 2022

Coupon Code: EBTurningOnTheLights

$35 Drop in for just one class

These classes are more than a typical Chakra class - we dive deep and take an experiential approach. We practice familiarizing ourselves with the energy of each Chakra through unique exercises each week. We will work with each chakra, expanding, contracting, clearing, and operating each of these energy centers we learn how we perceive through these centers and what they really are. We will cut many layers under the surface-level understanding of the Chakras.

Each class follows this format:


Exercises/Yoga Practice

A Special Meditation / Singing Bowls

Each week you will receive some wicked cool CoyDog Botanicals & Yoga products:

CDBY's very own custom Chakra essential oil blend and some CDBY Bath & Foot Salts

Each class will have its own PDF Booklet with lots of fun and wonderful stuff to read and do

Great for all levels and all backgrounds, these classes aim at giving you some really effective and powerful tools to master yourself and the world around you.

Week One: Introduction to the Chakras, and an All-Levels Yoga Practice that will help you map out each of the 7 Major Chakras and set us on our path.

Week Two: The Root Chakra - Tapping into the core of our power, generating a sense of safety, courage in the face of fear, and summoning our primal life force.

Week Three: The Sacral Chakra - Mastering the energy of our emotions, relationships, communication, and creativity.

Week Four: The Solar Plexus Chakra -  Relieving ourselves of shame, and letting the power of our inner truth fuel our actions.

Week Five: The Heart Chakra - Mastering the ebb and flow of balance. Action, Community, oneness, and connection. Confronting our grief and becoming magnetic and magical through the presence and gnostic connection to spirits in flow.

Week Six: The Throat Chakra - Our self-expression, the power of our word and integrity of our actions, confronting truth and our own inner judge. Letting ourselves use the power we have to make real change.

Week Seven: The Third Eye - The center of vision and sight, expanding awareness and intuition. Overcoming mental barriers, and belief systems that hold us back from clarity. Recognizing the tests of virtue laid out before us and the gifts and limitations waiting for us or holding us back.

Week Eight: The Crown Chakra - Our connection to spirit, divinity, and grace. The space of the divine within and without.

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